Interoperate is the leading provider of migration solutions based on semantic translation technology. The company provides the best-in-class solution for migrating WinRunner scripts to QTP.

WR2QTP, developed by Interoperate is an advanced tool to automate migration of WinRunner test scripts to QuickTest Pro. With WR2QTP's semantic translation techniques, projects can be completed in a fraction of time with near 100% accurate results and lower cost.
For further information about this exciting offering that will free your mission-critical tests from being locked in an unsupported product, please Contact us.

Interoperate's technology is applicable to a wide variety of needs. In addition to the products currently offered and under development, Interoperate actively seeks to apply its expertise to other important needs of its customers.

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HP's QTP 9.5 to 11.0

WR2QTP tool is now available for licensing:
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Complimentary Migration

Complimentary Migration